︎︎︎ 2014 - present

Designer, artist & creative technologist integrating research, problem-solving, and digital/analog craft to fabricate compelling experiences for individuals and social good︎

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︎︎︎ product design
︎︎︎ tangible interface
︎︎︎ design for social good
A portable device that enables users to record their quantitative and qualitative emotional states to practice mindfulness

︎︎︎ designer
︎︎︎ developer
︎︎︎ Aug. 2018 - May 2019
︎︎︎ physical computing
︎︎︎ Cinema 4D
︎︎︎ 3D printing
︎︎︎ Illustrator, InDesign
︎︎︎ UI/UX design
︎︎︎ product design

︎︎︎ NYC Media Lab ’19 Demo Expo ︎
︎︎︎ PRISM - MFADT 2019 Thesis Show ︎


RE:FEEL is a portable device using a tactile interface and voice recorder to record both quantitative and qualitative emotional data. It allows people who are eager to practice mindfulness and build emotional resilience to express, record, and reflect upon their emotional states and events throughout the course of a day.

The device is modeled with two customizable textures individually portraying positive and negative emotions, which provide immediate relief while at the same time recording every of the user’s input. To include descriptive information for each case, the user can start voice recording with a yellow light on by long-pressing one of the textured buttons. When the device received high-frequency inputs from the user, it will provoke a short vibration as an indicator that he/she might be confronting a strong emotion.

As users continuously record their emotions and reflect on their emotional records, they may become more self-conscious and self-aware of their feelings. The practice of exploring, gaining more insights, and coming up with the next steps from emotional data helps build long-term emotional resilience.

An article I wrote about my research on how Quantified Self might influence our self-awareness before this project: 
Quantified Self, Self-Tracking, and Self-Awareness


Instruction Manual


︎︎︎ PRISM - MFADT 2019 Thesis Show

Device & Instruction Manual

Emotional Data (example of a day) - Recorded Voices

(voiceover: Lisa Ho)

Emotional Data (example of a day) - Visualization

(16" X 80", printed on paper)