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Designer, artist & creative technologist integrating research, problem-solving, and digital/analog craft to fabricate compelling experiences for individuals and social good︎

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Parsons DEED(Development through Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, and Design) Lab

︎︎︎ website redesign
︎︎︎ UX case study
Redesigned the website to align with the visual style of the new logo and renovated it with modern UI/UX design language to improve user experience

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︎︎︎ UI/UX designer
︎︎︎ Jun. 2018 - May 2019
︎︎︎ Adobe XD
︎︎︎ WordPress(Elementor)
︎︎︎ responsive web design

︎︎︎ worked with a researcher and the lab directior

Project Overview

Parsons DEED Lab is a research laboratory founded in 2007 at Parsons School for Design, The New School, New York City. In 2018, the lab director planned to revamp the website and have a new logo that complied with the university's branding.



︎︎︎ Usability assessment report
︎︎︎ Sitemap
︎︎︎ Wireframe
︎︎︎ Lo-Fi prototype
︎︎︎ Hi-Fi prototype
︎︎︎ Launched site
︎︎︎ Design system

Research & Insights: 


  • Redesign the website with updated content and a more modern style
  • Adapt the website's branding to align with the new logo created by The New School marketing team
  • Make information easier to process and digest for users

New Logo
(created by The New School marketing team)

Heuristic Evaluation

︎︎︎ Home & Projects Page

︎︎︎ Project Page

︎︎︎ About Page

︎︎︎ People Page

︎︎︎ Post Page


  • Paragraphs on most of the old pages had too many words in a line which was not easy to read for users.
  • Line-height and spacing between paragraphs were too narrow which made texts overwhelmed.
  • The old site was text-heavy without informative icons to help convey key messages.
  • There were a lot of lists on different pages, and they needed a more organized and intuitive way to show such as card UI design.

Site Architecture & Wireframe: 


Wireframe Sketches


Visual & Interaction Design: 

Mockups and Iterations

Based on the new logo designed by the New School marketing team, I came out with a few different combinations for the color palette and applied them to the user interface. Then, I created several iterations of prototypes with different layouts, font sizes based upon the feedback from the director and other team members.

Some of the iterations

Design decisions:
︎︎︎ Breakpoints: tablet - 1025px, mobile - 768px
︎︎︎ Typography: smaller font size for mobile

Final Design Overview

Design System

I created this design system, so the director and other team members could have a style guide for future use and maintenance.

Sticky(Fixed) Header

This two-line navigation design with different font sizes as hierarchy leads the way we want users to navigate the site. Besides, the fixed-on-the-top design also lessens the scrolling needed, which allows users to move around the site quickly while landing on a lengthy page.

Text Selection Color

text color: white
background color: ink

Final UI Screens

︎︎︎ Landing Page

︎︎︎ Project Page

︎︎︎ About Page

︎︎︎ People Page

︎︎︎ Guiding Principles

︎︎︎ Blog

︎︎︎ Blog Post

︎︎︎ All Projects

︎︎︎ Contact Page

︎︎︎ Tools & Resources Page

︎︎︎ Research Page


From this project, I learned that utilizing prototyping tools in the early stages to communicate design decisions is very important in a cross-functional team. I applied the color palette options and typography to the UI screens, which made it easier for the team to visualize those options they needed to decide on later.