︎︎︎ 2014 - present

Designer, artist & creative technologist integrating research, problem-solving, and digital/analog craft to fabricate compelling experiences for individuals and social good︎

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Design for Social Good

Woof off Your Stress

A dynamic serving web app that helps to engage users' mind and body to divert their attention from anxiety and stress
︎︎︎ web app design
︎︎︎ front-end prototyping
︎︎︎ design for social good
︎︎︎ UX case study


A portable device using a tactile interface and voice recorder to record both quantitative and qualitative emotional data

It allows people who are eager to practice mindfulness and build emotional resilience to express, record, and reflect upon their emotional states and events throughout the course of a day.
︎︎︎ product design
︎︎︎ tangible interface
︎︎︎ creative technology
︎︎︎ design for social good

Whale Heard

An immersive gaming experience utilizing audio clues to simulate the underwater environment with noise pollution that marine mammals are facing today
︎︎︎ indie game
︎︎︎ creative technology
︎︎︎ design for social good
︎︎︎ case study