︎︎︎ 2014 - present

Designer, artist & creative technologist integrating research, problem-solving, and digital/analog craft to fabricate compelling experiences for individuals and social good︎

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Data Visualization & Information Aesthetics

︎︎︎ information design
︎︎︎ poster design (printed)
Two 48"x 48" posters of information design based on two given prompts: Architecture and Nature

︎︎︎ information designer
︎︎︎ March 2019
︎︎︎ Illustrator
︎︎︎ Photoshop
︎︎︎ Lightroom Classic
︎︎︎ data visualization


architecture/man-made/Taiwan tea
nature/organic collective/whale species


Formosa Taiwan Tea

— Architecture

Using any manner of rendering present a “man-made”.

Tea was what a host would serve to welcome his/her guests in traditional society in Taiwan. Growing up with tea culture, I've always been fascinated by the historical background and tea industry of it in Taiwan. Therefore, in this poster, I included the process of tea making, tea classification by level of oxidation, and tea distribution around the whole island with renowned tea marked out on the map. In the future, I would like to build a systematic database with data visualization for tea in Taiwan involving tea culture, tea history, and tea industry, etc. in the form of a website to reach out to more people who may also be interested in tea.



— Nature

Using any manner of rendering present a natural condition of nature, that is, anything described through physics. Or, simply present organic or non-organic collectives.

Whales are the largest mammals in the ocean, and their elegant movements in documentaries have always caught my eyes since my childhood. This poster presents all the whale species from two main categories, baleen whales and toothed whales, in proportion to their sizes with their common names, scientific names, and hemisphere range.

(whale illustrations created by Chris huh)