Yi Hsin Chang is a designer, artist, and creative technologist. Through her works, she is trying to take people further into serious social issues. Instead of showing the reports directly to audiences, she does want her creations to have intriguing interactivity. While playing her projects, people may, at least, in a certain way get closer to or participate in the issues and start having a critical conversation. Making things as charming as magicians lets people dive in more easily.

Chang is pursuing MFA degree in Design and Technology in Parsons School of Design in the USA. During her first semester, with her solid background in psychology, she had more insights into the correlation between memories, forgiveness, time, and space, and creations in forms of 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D. Also, she made an interactive installation, No Man’s Land, demonstrating how humans are unable to reside in these zones, particularly between North and South Korea due to fear of the remnants of their weaponry, and the irony that new ecologies have thrived instead. Her piece involving sculptural, physical computing elements and projection mapping was exhibiting at the University of Aalto in Helsinki in March 2018.

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