A Human Trap

MFADT Major Studio 1 Final Project


Art Installation


Physical Computing, Processing

Due to the features such as relatively low cost, near waterproofing and versatility, more and more plastic is made into commodities which people are easy to get. Thus, tons of slow degrading plastic garbage has caused land pollution, and plastic debris has contaminated oceans since the 1960s. Even though people have obtained the information about environmental damages caused by plastic waste, they do not feel close to this issue, nor do they notice how serious the problem is. After reading a news report about the anatomy of a dead whale whose stomach was full of more than 20 plastic bags and seeing turtle's neck cramped in a plastic can holder, I realize that plastic garbage underwater is threatening marine life without their intention. Therefore, inspired by these sad events, "A Human Trap" is an interactive installation simulating the experience of those creatures, trying to evoke people’s emotions of fear or shock and raise their awareness toward the issue.

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